Statement on the MDSSC Legacy Fund Outreach Process

Drummers sing while Louis Zoe feeds the fire with an offering of bread and tobacco, a way to ask The Creator for safe travel and offer thanks before the day begins.

As the stewards of the MDSSC Legacy Fund, the McLean Day Schools Settlement Corporation (MDSSC) has begun work on the MDSSC Legacy Fund Outreach Process over the past few months.

This process is designed to receive direct input from Survivors and their families on how the MDSSC Legacy Fund, a $200 million settlement that was created to support Federal Indian Day School Survivors in the areas of language & culture, healing & wellness, commemoration, and truth telling, can best serve the unique needs of our communities. In August 2021, we held the launch of the MDSSC Legacy Funding Outreach; and during the Fall, we held two MDSSC Legacy Fund Information Sessions, delivered two Engagement Sessions with Survivors and their families to receive feedback on the MDSSC Legacy Fund, and we are pleased to have received over 40 submissions from Survivors and their families through the online forms.

We recognize that, with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing discoveries of unmarked graves on the grounds of former Residential Schools in many First Nations communities, it is a difficult time for many. We have heard from many in our communities that more time is needed to ensure that the voices of Day School Survivors and their families can be heard.

Our aim is to create safe spaces for Survivors and their families to engage in meaningful discussions that will guide the future of the MDSSC Legacy Fund. Based on this feedback, we are preparing to launch our new Outreach Process registration on December 1st, 2021, which will make it easier for Survivors and their families to join Engagement Sessions and have their say. The next round of Engagement Sessions will begin in January 2022, with opportunities for dialogue at the regional and national level.

Survivors and their families will be able to find out more and register for sessions here. Information on the December 1st MDSSC Legacy Fund Information Session can be found here.

To remain up-to-date on our work and learn more about the Outreach Process and the MDSSC Legacy Fund, please:

Your wellbeing is important to us and we understand how these discussions may bring up painful memories. The toll-free Hope for Wellness Help Line is available 24 hours a day at 1-855-242-3310 with culturally-competent counselling and crisis intervention services in English, French, Cree, Inuktitut, and Ojibway for anyone experiencing pain or distress as a result of their Indian Day Schools experience.

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Photography: Pat Kane